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Since 2012, Elit Academy has been developing educational programs for students abroad in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

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ElitAcademy Study and Career Center Abroad

Elite Academy was established to plan the future from the day of its establishment, to bring back beautiful and educated people who will reshape the world, to bring up scientific and talented people, to keep them together and to use them in a fertile environment.

The benefits we bring to our students
10 years of experience
Professional guidance
Support anywhere in Turkey
The door of science opened to the whole Turkish world
Job opportunities for our graduated students
Affordable prices and scholarships
Opportunity to get a large circle
Non-payment in advance (registration fee only 50 azn)
Treat the student as a student, not as a customer
Is a diploma from Turkey recognized in Azerbaijan?
Yes, in response to this question, we state that any university diploma obtained from the Republic of Turkey is registered and recognized by the Accreditation Department of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan. (Exceptions by Postal Tuition)
Is the right to defer military service granted when going to Turkey to study?
Yes, candidates for both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the Republic of Turkey have the right to defer conscription for the duration of their education.
What are the tuition and living expenses in Turkey?
This question is individual, as education and living expenses in Turkey vary by city. The general answer is that the annual tuition fee is between 200-500 azn in public universities and between 1000-15000 US dollars in private universities. Living expenses are 200-350 azn per month to cover all the needs of one student.
How do you help us to meet, accommodate and get acquainted with the environment in Turkey?
This service is an additional service and is paid. The company is obliged to receive a letter of acceptance from the applicant under the contractual obligation. But since we have thousands of students who we send over the years in more than 50 cities in Turkey, our new students who go there are met through our old students and can get the necessary advice and referrals.
How much will it cost to study in Turkey?
A student going to study in Turkey will first have company expenses, then travel expenses, then accommodation expenses in Turkey, and finally the annual tuition expenses of the university. These amounts vary by city and university. All costs will initially be between 1,000 and 1,800 azn for small towns, and all costs between 8,000 and 15,000 azn for large cities.
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