University in Turkey

For those students who are looking to do graduation and Under-graduation from Turkey they can follow this blog as in this blog we are going to mention about some famous universities of Turkey and how the how student can apply for them. And apart from them we are also going to mention some of the famous program’s offered by Turkish universities. This will help the students to narrow down their selection and they will be able to select the best course for themselves. In Turkey there are 200 universities, and most of them are being run by state, most of the universities or institutions are not very old, the first private university Bilkent University of Turkey opened in 1984 and the one of recent universityAntalya International University (AIU) of Turkey welcomed their first students in 2012/13 and their aim is to enroll more students from outside Turkey.

Private and public universities in Turkey are conformed to the Bologna agreement, which is standardizing degree programs in across Europe and there are many Turkish universities which are participants of Erasmus+ program, this program supports the international student’sexchange. Some top universities of Turkey are being mentioned below.

Top Universities of Turkey

Middle East Technical University (METU)- The Middle East Technical University is based in the capital of Turkey Ankara, and in the EECA ranking the university jumped to eight ranks, the university specializes in natural and social sciences. The university was formed in 1956. Today the university has over 31000 students- many of these students are of exchange which they are attending a semester or a year. The demand of METU university is so high that it accepts only top 1.5% of students per 1.5-million-year applicants.

BoğaziçiÜniversitesi- The university got 10th rank in EECA ranking and it was establishes way backing 1863 as Robert college and it was the first US university which established outside US and the university is located in Istanbul. The language of instruction in the university is English and it maintains strong links to the higher American education system.

Bilkent University- In 2019 the Bilkent university got 14th rank in EECA rankings and it was Turkey’s first non-profit institution, founder in 1984 by İhsan Doğramacı and it has most extensive library in the country. Bilkent university has over 13000 students enrolled in nine different faculties.

Study in Turkey

In order to study in Turkey, there few things which a student needs to know.

Popular Subjects in Turkey

The higher education system in Turkey is same as European Union bologna system and it has three levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. Irrespective of degree a student selects they can select only one of the 104 public universities and 62 private ones. There are some universities which offer English taught study programs are:

  • Sabanci University
  • Istanbul Okan University
  • Istanbul Aydin University
  • TED University
  • Bilkent University
  • KOC University
  • Istanbul Sehir University

For the students it is important to know that each year the Turkish government finalize a specific number of foreign students for each program, which the studentsneeds to check, the smaller the number higher the competition.

Requirements and Admission Documents for Admission in University

If the student has finalized their study programme in Turkey, then in the next step the student needs to check out the requirements to apply for their programme. The students need to check the exact criteria on the programme’s website and check whether they are able to meet the criteria or not. Also, there are some basic conditions which the students’ needs to fulfil.

Applying for an Undergraduate Programme in Turkey

If the students are intended to do a Bachelor’s Programme in Turkey, then in that case the students need to graduated from high school or they about to get graduate from high-school. The next documents which they need to take care are as follows:

  • Application Form.
  • High school diploma certificate.
  • Record transcripts.
  • Language Proficiency Score
  • Motivational Letter.
  • Fee payment proof
  • A certificate which works as the proof which declare that the student has secondary school exit.
  • A guarantee letter which claims the support that the students have enough fund to support them while they are studying.

Application and University Admission Response

Once students have all their papers ready and they can submit their application even if the students applied their application online still they will be required to send their documents via post before the deadline end. And if the student has any entrance exam or they have an interview then in that case the student will be require to travel to Turkey in order to attend them.

Best Education Specialities in Turkey

Turkey is one of culturally rich country and it attracts lots of students from all over the world, Turkey is one of the appealing countries for the students because of their affordable study programmes with number of growing English-taught bachelor and master’s programme. And there are various scholarships which cover the tuition fees, accommodation, healthcare and some of the scholarships also covers the travel expenses of students.

Educational degree is something which prepare professional for art of teaching and training. The methods are taught to the future teacher so that they can develop an efficiency in teaching methods which then can be used in formal teaching of students in high-school, kindergarten, university, etc.

For those students who are looking to do graduation or under graduation then Turkish universities offers many programmes and the student can enrol themselves in any of the university and in any programme. But the catch here is the Turkish government has set specific number of foreign students in the programmes so for the it is important that they see the course they want to pursue has how many seats left.

Some of the best Master’s Programme which a student can pursue in Turkey are as follows:

  • Educational Administration
  • Computer Education and Instructional Technologies
  • Curriculum and Instructions
  • Educational Technology
  • English Language Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Science Education